Clear Voice, Lower Cost

COMMIX OPERATOR (offering multiple voice transit services from voip termination to solutions) is a Leading Technology group subsidiary “COMMIX OPERATOR”; being seasoned Telecom, VOIP and Technology professionals’ foundation the company has the edge to be proven as the fastest growing Telco in the South East Asian region, The voip specialized division has been established in 2005.

COMMIX OPERATOR also featured the inimitable approach of VOIP Termination in South Asia, North Africa, Europe, the Middle East and North American regions with an strengthened commitment to provide the client optimum level of services and have the ability to scale and customize the set of product customer is looking for.
Referring Technology support methodology the Engineering Team at COMMIX OPERATOR has the consistency from support – trouble shoot partners’ issues in defined SLA which is backed by the modern state to art renowned and distinguished Technical Infrastructure the company equips. The support department at COMMIX OPERATOR is available 24x7x365 with different remote locations in multiple country pops to ensure its smooth and stable availability to the company partners.

Our Services:
1- Wholesale Routes
2- Retail Routes
3- Call center Routes
4- Call center services ( IVR server / Recording server / autodialer )
5- DID Services ( Direct inward dialing international numbers )