Commix Operator assure privacy and protection of each client’s data with 100% customer felicity. Any technical problem, processing problem, copyright charges or fiasco to meet the necessity of clients will always be taken under deliberation and all amount thus therein reimbursed back to client’s account in line to the refund policy.

This is to inform you that refund strategy can or will be amended in consideration the regard of the company’s conditions. It is in your hands that you keep a track on all revised declarations educed by the company.


Executives/Leadership Approve privacy policy Enforce Permits Establish program targets Nominate Privacy Official Supply training for the workforce Director, Preparation Documents the delivery of privacy education to all workforce adherents.

Produce and accomplishes privacy drill program as mentioned in this policy.

Employee Duties

Obey with company’s policies to assure protection and proper supply of all services.

Personal Rights

This is a proclamation to keep the secrecy of each client’s detailed/particular or separate data that client gladly accepts to allow commix operator access in their elite sanity. Each client is given particular rights to the subsequent reference.

Right to operate. Clarify your fear for a refund claim. Right to accountancy of revelations. Right to undercover communications. Right to record a complaint. Right to limit use or revelation. Right to change.

Combine Agreements

No oral agreements will be deemed.

All agreements should be received and signed from both ends otherwise the company holds no liability.


Allegations about prudence or exposure of provided data will be deemed and evaluated properly.


If or when an employee is caught disclosing any client’s data without authorization from the company or client, such actions will be gauged accordingly.

Refund policy

Refund policy may apply when,

The company fails to meet the conditions of the client.

Proof of stolen content by any illegal measures since all copyrights are reserved with the company.

The initial idea has been rejected before settling an agreement.Refund policy may invalidate under context like,

After choosing a special package. You must admit that special packages have no refund policy as you tailor everything that you need.

After approval of initial proposal/designs.

Revision demands.

After nullification for reasons that are not related to the company.

After staying out of contact from the company for the project for more than 2 weeks.

Any deflection or infringement from the company’s policies.

The ideas/brief provided lacks information.

After demand for the entire makeover.

The given time period for a refund has passed.

If company changes, removes name or closes.

Excuses like “Change of opinion”, “Change of heart” and “Partner didn’t agree” will not be adequate.

Every agreement is based on the bundle/offer client purchases. If the client is discontented with the bundle/offer, he/she should be aware that the amount will not be refunded as it solely assesses the cost of previous subscribed bundle/offer.

30 days after the purchase, no privilege for refund is applicable.

Assistance including but not finite to Social Media, SEO, Domain Registration and Web Hosting is not designate to refunds under any contingency.

After designs/videos/applications have been uploaded on the web page, there will be no refund provided for such files.

Disclaimer: It is meant to specify the rights and liabilities that will be exercised and compelled by the company in a legally concerned relationship. All Copyright attainment Information will be shared with Government Copyright Agencies to maintain lawfulness of each product/design/project.